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Individual Counseling to Improve your Marriage

Are you single and frustrated by a string of failed relationships? 

Are you married and trying to reconcile differences with an unwilling partner?

Are you in a relationship and know that you’re getting hung up on old wounds and unresolved issues from childhood or previous relationships?

I have been fortunate to work with a number of couples where one or both partner’s did individual therapy to deal with their own issues prior to getting together as a couple.  I am always impressed and encouraged by the health of their resulting relationships.  There is value in looking at ourselves and making changes on an individual level in order to pursue the relationships we want.

In individual therapy, we explore family of origin issues, any trauma history, and the cognitive dissonance that results from settling for relationships that are less than satisfying.

Group therapy can also be a supportive and economical way to do individual work.  Call me to check on the availability of group options or schedule an appointment for individual sessions.

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