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Marriage Counseling for Couples in Conflict


The feeling of loneliness is perhaps never more profound, more hollow and more debilitating than when you are actually in a relationship. Whether you feel emotionally distant and disconnected or calloused from endless fighting and bitterness, the feelings are intensified when you’re sharing a home, a bed, and a life.  You may find yourself asking, “Is this my life?”  “Can we really get through this?”  “Do I even want to?”  I believe that it is possible to “get through this” whatever this may be, but it’s all in the wanting to.  If you are committed, honest, and open to feedback and change, then this has the potential be a growth point in your relationship not an endpoint. 

Using tenets from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, we will work together to deconstruct old habits of relating and communicating and rebuild emotional connections, understanding, and trust.  It’s not just about rehashing and unearthing old wounds and injuries (You can argue at home for free). It’s more about gaining perspective on how in times of vulnerability your most basic needs for emotionally safety and security are met.  In other words, “Can I really trust and know that you will be there for me?”

Sometimes, we spend a great deal of time on managing conflict, working on how to agree to disagree or how to back down from that troublesome terrain of  “I’m right, you’re wrong.  I win, you lose.”  Sometimes, it’s necessary that we get into the nitty gritty of budgeting and financial planning to address the spectre of financial stress or open the doors of the bedroom to rekindle sexual intimacy.  You are welcome to take a Prepare/Enrich assessment to help identify your relationship strengths and growth areas. Whatever your needs, we will collaborate to develop a specific set of treatment goals and review them periodically to assess our progress.

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