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Ainisha Persaud, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist  

Licensed Marriage and Family Counseling in Largo, Maryland serving Prince George's County and the D.C. Metropolitan Area

I founded Growth Point Therapy in 2003 with the belief that we were created for connection, “to love and be loved” as the saying goes, unconditionally.  When those connections, our most cherished relationships, are good then we are inspired; we are strengthened.  We feel eager and full and unafraid of the challenges that life brings because we know that we are not alone.  But if those relationships go bad and the connection is damaged, disrupted, or severed, we feel disillusioned and weakened.  Suddenly, everything including life itself seems harder.

My associates and I specialize in building connections and growing relationships. Our mission is simple - to promote individual wholeness so couples and families can reach their collective potential. Our clients are highly motivated, committed individuals who want to grow together and are willing to do the work necessary to stay together.

Whether you are planning your marriage or desperately fighting to save it; whether your family is knee deep in diapers or navigating the murky waters of adolescence; whether you are preening feathers in your empty nest or working through unresolved issues with elderly parents and estranged siblings; we will partner with you to help you achieve your goals of connection and fulfillment. Having a biblical worldview, we believe there is no challenge or problem that is insurmountable when there is a willingness to be open and honest about the real issues and work together toward resolution.

If you’re ours, you’re ours for life as we offer a free annual check-up to help solidify and sustain the gains we make in therapy and head off any potential issues that may arise over time.

Call us today to set up an appointment. We are currently accepting new clients.

"Growth Point is exactly that... a starting point to grow and heal.  Choosing Ainisha Persaud for marriage counseling was a blessing and has been our place to grow and heal.  We highly recommend her for marriage and individual counseling.  By sharing herself, Ainisha became easy to relate to immediately.  She is thoughtful, compassionate and knowledgeable.  She has always been sensitive to our specific needs and continues to be available for support in our relationship as we continue to mature in our marriage.   We value her and know that she truly cares for her clients."

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